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DIRECTV Sports has always been a huge part of entertainment for DIRECTV clients all around the world. However, after evaluating the activity of the DIRECTV Sports website, a full UX overhaul was necessary.


Discovery & Analysis

Understanding the problem
Data showed users were not spending time on the various video streaming content and were clicking on different categories but exit rates were increasing. Users were also getting lost when searching for specific content, resulting in calls to the call-center in need of directions on how to access content they were seeking. It was obvious users were not getting to the content they were in search of and/or could not find it. These insights helped us decide on a full redesign that would improve the user experience; with an emphasis on the entertainment aspect and on brand.

Architecting a Strategy
Constructing an experience in which the DIRECTV client can instantly access content effortlessly was vital, such as: editorial, news, videos, replays of matches and live streaming content. Also, rather than focusing on page views, I chose to focus more on“dwell time” (duration visitors spend with our content), as creating quality content was extremely important, especially given how much Google cares about how deep people navigate into a site, not just on them viewing a page.

Traffic Insights

Working alongside Product Manager Joaquin Langone and a team of engineers, we established the following terms:

User Needs

• Fast video streaming content access
• Direct access to LIVE programming
• Quick check of stats
• Access to latest news


• Reduce bounce rate
• Increase dwell time
• visibility as a Premium Product
• Increase MAUs & Engagement +15%
• Reduce call-center calls

Tech Considerations

• New CMS Backend & Frontend
• Flexibility to scale
• Easy integration w/DIRECTV GO
• Integrate video player +realtime stats
• VOD & Editorial Content
• Sports metadate integration

Image Title

Designing a Solution


• Refresh of Design + App Nexus Integration

• On brand, Multi-Platform sports experience

• Implement LIVE interactive widgets across platforms

• Live streaming experience

• Newly designed editorial content

• Design for high user engagement & retention

Exploring Ideas

We now begin architecting a New DIRECTV Sports user experience and interface to align with the new DIRECTV Brand. Showcasing DIRECTV Sports product as a Premium Package and as a complement for OTT users. Integration of AppNexus, and Video Players and widgets to maximize for a complete streaming platform & informative experience with unlimited flexibility to scale.

Our first iteration of wires included the "News Headline" as the main focus, above the fold, which took up most of the screen's landcape. Although visually engaging, insights had proven this was not the most important feature to our users. Thus we decided on simply moving the LIVE Channels up, above the fold. We could have continued using big header images to display live channels, perhaps in a slider. However with much information on this platform as is, we wanted to keep everything simple and display only what is absolutely necessary. Thus we opted to display the main 3 Sports Channels at the same time; resulting in a homepage that gets directly to the point - displaying LIVE Channels up front that links to that very channel within the program guide. We further updated to inlude the Scoreboard at the very top. All of which now aligned to our insights, with just what our users needed.

Initial Home Wire
Initial Home Wire
New Home Wires
New Home Wires

New wires reflecting changes for mobile and desktop

Solution Shipped

A complete multi-platform sports experience with Live streaming content, replays & VODs, editorial content, statistics and data for the hardcore sports fan. An engaging experience with easy to access content.

Redesign Improvements

• Full User Experience Redesign + App Nexus Integration
• Live streaming experience
• Newly designed editorial content
• Easy accessible content that they need
• New DIRECTV Sports Interface aligns with new DIRECTV Brand.
• Country-based Editorial content - increasing average Web & App time.
• MiDTV Customer Care Integration to reduce calls.
• Login Integration. SSO with DIRECTV Go to increase MAUs in DIRECTV Go.

Live Channels on Program Guide

News Articles
News Articles


The Redesign Value & Impact

✓ Rise in Ad Sales Inventory
✓ Usability Rate Increase
✓ Significant Increase in Dwell Time
✓ Increase in Advertising Revenue
✓ MAUs & Engagement Increase by 20%
✓ Increase in traffic of OTT users

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