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DIRECTV’s (EPG) Electronic Program Guide is a table of online listings for users to explore what’s on TV and what will be on TV. However, with the rise of mobile device users, a UX overhaul was imperative, including responsive enhancement.

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Discovery & Analysis

Understanding the problem
Research showed that though high in visits, the lack of a responsive EPG was not only frustrating users, but resulting in low retention of accessibility via different touch-points. In addition to seeing programming schedules, customers should be able to record programs & purchase PPV in the same way they can today from the marketing sites.

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User Requirements

Architecting a Strategy

Working alongside Lead Product Manager Andres Quiroga and a team of engineers, we established the following terms:

User Needs

• Quick access to video streams
• Direct access to LIVE programming
• Easy flow to personalized channels
• Easy flow to purchase


• Increase PPV revenue by 5%
• Raise MiDIRECTV user engagement 5%
• Increase DIRECTV App sessions 10%
• Push traffic toward DIRECTV GO

Tech Considerations

• Integrate DIRECTV GO requirements
• Remove redundancies over last 10yrs
• Replicate prod meta-data in staging to support POCs QA
• Agile, Lite Development - No backend

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EPG Mobile Listings
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EPG Functionalities

Exploring Ideas

Now that we've established User & Business goals/requirements as well as Technical, we may now exercise the following solutions:

    • Improve usability and accessibility for use on multiple touch-points

    • Provide a clear overview and quick access to LIVE Programming

    • Re-think users’ interactions on Live programs and facilitate the access to all of the EPG’s info and Interactive options

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Designing a Solution

Guided by User Requirements (created by Andres Quiroga & Monica Silva), the designs were to reflect the following:


• Mobile First Layout & Interaction.

• Improve search usability - propagate by TV / Online listings

• Category highlights - helps funnel listings by genre, favorites

• Option to control order of channels in the listings

• Network visibility - included when listing channels

• Optimize for LIVE content - by default on mobile

• Brief program info - description, duration, start time, genre, release year, record/PPV status

• Full program view - full program details + cast & schedules

• Links directing them to flows for PPV & Remote DVR recording

• To drive revenue - high visibility to Premium and PPV (via video/poster) promo on PG home

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Ipad and Mobile UI
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Design Solution Shipped

Usable. Accessible. Relevant.

In designing this new PG I put a large focus on improving Usability, Accessibility, Relevance and Value in our UX; aiming at a PG that’s: Quick to load, viewable on any device, organized so that visitors can quickly find the information they need and at THEIR control, while enabling them to navigate easily, without the sense of overwhelming them with too much at a time. All while giving the user control over what they see, according to what they consider relevant to them.

The Service

We created a beautiful way users can be informed of what is currently playing on DIRECTV and what is upcoming with an easy-to-use UI and flow, leading them to purchase PPVs easily and Record their favorite programs, all from the convenience of their mobiles, iPads and desktops. The redesign accommodated scalability allowing the components to work well alongside each other, at the same time and render well on various solutions; with a scannable interface that resulted in less cognitive load and an overall pleasant experience for our users when using our New Responsively Redesigned PG.

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The Redesign Value

The Redesign Improvements

✓ Delivered a User-Centric, Modern UI & Engaging UX, Responsive Enhancement
✓ Retire Mobile (unresponsive) PG & Optimize AEM Integration
✓ Update personalization features, ie: Calendars, Favorites
✓ Highlight New Released Movies & Events via Banners
✓ Higher Accessibility
✓ Seamless Navigation merging MiDIRECTV & DIRECTV App

The Redesign Impact

✓ Revenue 5% Increase PPV Purchases - 6M Region
✓ Improved MiDIRECTV User Engagement KPIs 5% - 10 % YoY
✓ Increase in DIRECTV App Sessions by 10%
✓ Traffic increase for DIRECTV GO
✓ Reinforced Product Awareness with SSO
✓ Call-Center Call reduction by 20%

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