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MiDIRECTV, a self-service platform, offers customers the opportunity to manage their DIRECTV account, online 24 hours a day—conveniently and safely. Yet 78% of the calls to our call center result from online issues.

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Discovery & Analysis

Understanding the problem

For the User:

Poor online experience - customers frustrated due to online account not serving their needs when they expect the contrary. I also noticed the users' cross-platform activity to other DIRECTV platforms, showing it was high in traffic among those visiting their accounts AND users that only came for entertainment - such as the program guide and accessing LIVE channels. However, for them to access these other portals, they were prompted to log in each time they'd access a different portal.

For the Business:

Lack of efficient self-service online, producing an overload of calls to the call center due to poor online experience. Resulting in a low count of MiDIRECTV logins & Poor amount of Package/Plan Upgrades.

We will take these principles into account and rely on them to develop our strategy and architecture. These will be important factors, forming the key performance indicators (KPI) used to check the quality of our solution strategy.

Top User Engagement
Top Call Reasons

Architecting a Strategy
Maximizing Customer Value through content and service offerings within an engaging User Experience was imperative. One that would be easy to use and understand; consisting of simplified & clear information architecture, easy user interaction & an easy flow to transactions.

Working alongside Product Manager Andres Quiroga and a team of engineers, I established the following:

User Needs

• Self Care/Account Access
• Access to all portals
• Easy LIVE programming access
• Troubleshooting
• Premium Upgrades


• Reduce Call Center Calls
• Grow & Retain Customer Base
• Increase Premium Package Revenue
• Drive clients through self management
• Drive Business Oriented Campaigns through optimal UX

Tech Considerations

• New CMS Backend & Frontend
• Flexibility to scale
• Easy EPG integration
• Switch between Accounts
• VOD & Premium Content
• Easy upgrade integration


Streamlining for a better UX and increased visibility, engagement and positive emotion.

All aimed to result in higher conversions & an overall VIP user experience.

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Design Solution

Unified Entertainment/Account Dashboard

I propose a personalized client's home page in the form of a unified dashboard that provides immediate access to all DIRECTV portals, with just ONE sign-in. A dashboard that not only presents an easy way to navigate through their account, but one that serves all of the users' immediate needs including access to DIRECTV's entertainment content, which has proven to be a top reason for DIRECTV's overall traffic, such as the Program TV Guide.

When DIRECTV clients sign in to their DIRECTV account, they will be greeted by a personalized landing page with content highlights, offers, and tips for how to get the most from their DIRECTV service. We will also address design solutions for the top reasons DIRECTV Clients visit the site and the top problems users face, in order to decrease calls to the call center. User Experience will then be optimized to be super engaging as visuals displayed will be those oozing “entertainment” including exposed funnels to various entertainment portals. And to manage their accounts, clients will have easy access to self-service tools for managing their subscription, payments, and account settings, all within a dashboard ui as well.

Streamlining for a better UX, this now gives the client more reason to come back to this portal, each and every time they seek anything DIRECTV, not just to access their account info. All aiding towards an increase in registrations, and increase in logins and higher conversions.

Main Home Dashboard Wire
Client's Main Home Dashboard
Manage Account Landing
Client's "Manage Account" Landing

The optimized IA includes a more unified and structured navigation, easy and clear access to their account, and the option to easily switch between accounts while targeting the top reasons for calls to call center within the main design & structure. The account section of the portal will include immediate visibility of account balance, and easy options to manage their account.

Features now include:

• Immediate entertainment content
• Immediate access to TV Programming Guide
• Robust Search Engine
• Account Balance & Payment options within Account section
• Easy access to their profile info
• Clear visibility & access to Premium Package Upgrade
• Simple access to our digital products
• Fast & Smooth browse, buy and checkout experience



A whole new account experience!

My formula for MiDIRECTV’s success includes an ultra-basic layout, but highly interactive and engaging content that encourages visitors to check in often, and even better, to surf endlessly. The simpler and more intuitive the design, the higher the rate of user interaction and engagement.

In addition to engrossing content, usability is also key; with this in mind, we will aim for high user engagement by focusing on the following redesign improvements:

  • Reduce cognitive load w/simplified & clear ia & flow
  • Simplified Interaction
  • Highlight key elements with contrast
  • Intentional UI/UX Animation
  • Responsive Design A MUST / In-App Feel
  • Easy flow to and through transactions

Login Screen

Login Improvements

Log in, stay logged in + more flexible login options
When signing in to your DIRECTV account, you will stay signed in until you choose to log out. You also now have the option to log in with your email or social media account.

Enhanced security
To improve the security of your account, and prevent unauthorized access, you can now enable 2-factor authentication.  Have a single-use code sent to your phone or email, or authenticate using the fingerprint sensor or face recognition feature on your device. 

Card Info
User Account Options

Easily Access Content

Manage all your subscriptions
Across satellite, streaming, and internet, many of you have more than one active subscription with us.  When you sign in, you can now access them all.  

Easy Account Access
Easily navigate via account options, including managing your profile and checking notiications.

Home Page
Program Guide

Seamless Switching

Switch Users
Switch between user profiles on various accounts efficiently and with ease.

Move Seamlessly Between Apps
Your account now gives you access to all DIRECTV platforms with the same login, so you don’t need to keep logging in.


The Redesign Value & Impact

✓ Decrease in Calls to Call Center
✓ Rise in MiDIRECTV Logins
✓ Increase in MiDIRECTV Registrations
✓ Rise in Advertising Revenue
✓ Increase in Premium Upgrades
✓ Increased Cross Portal Engagement

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